About Our Company


We are one of the well-known auto dealers and all our staff come with years of experience and expertise. We offer you a clear discussion regarding how we will take care of the installation and repair work. We also give you detailed information on what we do to ensure complete safety to your car. You can decide on which glass adhesive you need and we can suggest you on what to buy. We will guide you based on the weather condition so that you can drive your car safely.

Your car should not only provide transportation but also help you in the case of an accident. It is thus important that all the car repair work is done only by experts who follow all the motor vehicle safety standards. This will ensure that the parts used and the installation meets the required performance level and contributes to the overall safety.

The windshield of the car is secured to the cars body and for this special formulated auto glass adhesive is used. These adhesives are approved and tested and all meet the quality requirements. The windshield is a safety device and this is because it provides the strength to the cars body. The windshield also helps to keep the passengers in the car safe in the case the car meets with an accident. The windshield also helps to support the performance and the inflation of the airbags in the passenger’s side. So it is not just important that the quality of the windshield is good but it is also important that it is installed properly.

You can choose from many brands and different kinds of adhesives. The adhesives should be chosen based on their ability to pass all the standard requirements. It is crucial to know that the lower is the humidity and the temperature of a place, the longer it takes for the adhesives to cure. In case you are unable to wait that long then you could opt for some high performance adhesives that get cured faster because they have some accelerator components that speed up the process. We give you proper and informed advice on any information that you may need.